Professional Groomer II -Dual-Spaced Comb with Extra-Long Rotating Teeth - Best Seller


Product Description

Extra Long, dual-spaced 1.25"  rotating teeth enable expert detangling, styling & finishing in once exceptional comb. Groomer's preferred tool for professional results.

  • Prevents animal pain: 360 degree "rolling"  smooth teeth stop hair from catching, snagging and pulling on the hair follicle which prevents pain to your pet.
  • Increases pet health:  Silky smooth tips massage the animal's skin, increasing blood flow which keeps skin and animal hair healthy. 
  • Detailed grooming: Fine-spaced teeth allow detailed work around eyes and paws. 
  • Safe binding:  Sonic welded binding stops pin fall out, preventing danger to children and pets from swallowing or choking on loose pins. 
  • Tarnish free:  Solid stainless steel teeth never tarnish. Can be safely sterilized in disinfectant solutions.
  • BPA,Toxic Free materials
  • Made in USA with precision care and love

Award Winning Breeder and Groomer:

As a long time Breeder of Leonbergers I have found the Untangler comb to be my greatest asset in the grooming kit.   The Professional Groomer II- Extra-Long (1.25”) is my grooming tool of choice.  I detangle, style, fluff and finish with a single dual-spaced comb.  I showcase this majestic breed and give monthly demonstrations on how to groom and care for the Leonberger.  I recommend the Untangler Brand for professional grooming. Rosemarie Lyon 
Lyonzred Leonbergers 

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