Professional Detangle & Groom Comb


Product Description

7" Professional Groomer Comb is preferred comb by Breeders and Groomers Globally 

This 7" powerhouse comb is the "Official Comb of the King Charles Cavalier Club in Canada, and the "Official Comb of the Portuguese Water Dogs" clubs USA

  • 360° Rotating Stainless-Steel gently glide through fur untangling thick mats and tangles without pulling on the animal's undercoat.
  • The continuous massaging action of rotating teeth stimulate the natural oils in the animal’s skin resulting in a natural shiny and healthy coat.
  • Loose hair is easily removed and captured in the rotating teeth.
  • Solid grip, easy to hold
  • Massaging action of rotating teeth relax the animal and create an enjoyable experience

What’s Included:
One, Seven-Inch Professional Groomer Pet Comb

  • Available in red.  Clear Blue available soon