Professional Grooming Rake with Extra-Long (2") Rotating Stainless-Steel Teeth


Product Description


Independent rotating teeth is the key to pain-free grooming and provides an optimum way to humanely untangle mats and groom animals.

The Professional Extra-Long (2") grooming rake gently reaches deep into the animals coat easily collecting loose hair and fur without causing pain.

Designed for Large animals with thick coats.  Extra-Long teeth prevent hair from flying as you brush and hair is easily pulled of to clean the tool.

  • Excellent for large animals with thick hair and fur
  • Made with a easy-grip handle that comfortably fits in your palm.
  • Rotating teeth tackle tangles for a pleasant grooming experience.

The massaging effect of rotating teeth calms animal and stimulates natural oils in the skin producing a healthy shiny coat.

 Animals feel the rotating sensation and massage and like it!