Shedding Rake with Long and Short 360 degree Rotating Stainless Steel Teeth


Product Description

Description: The Shedding Rake is specially designed  with Long and Short rotating stainless steel teeth to clean out matted and loose hair especially when the dog is shedding. The long and short teeth catch matted and loose hair on the animal’s coat and gently removes tangles and mats.

The Shedding Rake should be inserted into the animal’s coat, next to the skin and a gentle outward pulling motion should be used. When finding resistance, re-insert the rake and hold the animal’s hair behind the rake when pulling it forward. The stainless-steel rotating teeth gently massage the animals skin and rotate so that the fur is not painfully pulled out during grooming.

Because the Shedding Rake easily collects loose hair, you can use it indoors because it prevents pet hair from flying in the house. Use weekly to keep the undercoat free of mats and tangles. Great for medium and long-haired pets.  An essential grooming tool!

Works superbly to groom Samoyeds, Siberian Huskies, Newfoundlands, Horses, Llamas, and many other animals.