V-Shaped Mini Rake-Best Seller


Product Description

“if your dog has a thick, long double coat that tends to knot up, this is the best money you'll ever spend”  …Untangler customer review: P. Roberts, MN.” gave a score of 5

 The Mini-Rake  V-Shaped design with double row of long rotating teeth to  clear tangled fur and mats without causing pain to your pet.

  • V-Shape double row teeth allows mat clearing in hard to reach areas
  • 6” size is perfect for detail work under legs, around ears, neck and belly
  • 360 degree rotating teeth prevents  pain and pulling ensuring  humane care
  • Teeth rub and massage for skin and coats. Dogs love the feel
  • Sonic welded teeth prevent pin fall out and animal choking
  • Made in USA

 Recommended for all dog breeds and cats.  

Breeder Recommended: (Visit Breeder, Groomer and Vet recommendations on Untangler Home Page)

* Nicole Muller - La Petite Rochette- Briard Breeder
* Donna Robillard - Winrob Reg’d Kennel - King Charles Spaniel Breeder


  • BPA, toxic free
  • Clears mats wet or dry 
  • Made in USA!

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