Professional Dual-Spaced Comb with smooth rotating teeth


Product Description

Untangler's Dual-Spaced Groomer Comb untangles and dematts with ease

The dual-spaced custom design is a Groomer Preferred Tool

  • Humane dematting - teeth rotate to prevent hair from wrapping around the pin and pulling on the hair follicle preventing  pain to animals.
  • Increases pet health- rotating teeth gently rub and massage the skin increasing circulation, keeping  skin and coats clean and healthy
  • Never Tarnish- solid stainless steel teeth never tarnish; can be safely disinfected in solutions preventing the spread of diseases.
  • Secure binding- sonic weld binding prevent pins from falling out, keeping pets and children safe from chewing or swallowing loose pins.   

Untangler fans tell us they love this all in one comb for their Breeds; Terriers, Bearded Collie, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Afghan Hound, Havanese, Komondor, Bernese and so many others. 

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Champion Briard Breeder:  Nicole


I love TheUntangler grooming combs for my Breed. Especially the this 7” dual spaced Comb.  It's quick work with the dual spacing and i can verify it is humane.  I also use the Professional Grooming rakes daily.  The combs and rakes work very well on my breeds because of the material.  I hate the grooming, so when it’s faster because the material, it’s really super for me !

Additional benefits:

  • Toxic free
  • Superior Comb for wet pet hair.
  • Made with lprecision care in USA

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