Small Pet Super Groom Detangler- wide teeth


Product Description

Super-Groom Comb- wide-spaced teeth for Small Pet Grooming

  • Wide-spaced teeth for small pets with coarse and long hair.
  • Tumbled rotating stainless-steel teeth remove tangles with ease.
  • The comb gently massages to produce natural oils for a shinier coat.
  • The comfortable grip allows for quick movement through fur.

Independently rotating teeth remove tangles and mats without pulling on the undercoat.

Massaging action of rotating teeth calm the animal while you groom and stimulate natural oils in the skin that keep your dog’s coat sleek and silky.

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What’s Included:

  • One, seven-inch Wide-Spaced Comb with 360° Rounded/Rotating Stainless-Steel Teeth.