Professional Groomer II - Breeder Recommended


Product Description

Professional Groomer II with dual-spaced 1.25" teeth is the Optimum in Care for humanely detangling, grooming and finishing.

Independently rotating teeth is 'key' to providing humane care and pain-free grooming.

Professional Groomers and Breeders prefer dual-spaced long teeth to remove loose fur, and to cut, style and finish.

  • The rotating, stainless-steel teeth glide through tangles without pulling on the animals undercoat.
  • Tumbled teeth massage the skin, encouraging the production of natural oils for a shiny, healthy coat.
  • Wide spaced teeth for fluffing and finishing

Added bonus:  rotating action of the teeth gently massages the animal's skin calming the animal during grooming

Breeder and Groomer Recommended:  (View Untangler Home Page to read Breeder, Groomer and Vet Recommendations)
* Rosemarie Lyon, Leonberger Breeder
* Raewyn Mullan Braemist - Breeder Rough Collie 
* Rosemary Sutton, Afghan Breeder


 Additional benefits:

  • 100% toxic free, with american made pharmaceutical grade polypropylene handle.
  • 100% American Made stainless-steel that does not bend even when wet.
  • Superior comb wet or dry fur and hair.
  • 100% Made in USA!