Delicate Touch Face & Tear-Duct Comb with 360° Rotating Stainless-Steel Teeth; 78 teeth


Product Description

This delicate comb is great for removing fine undercoat and grooming sensitive areas!

  • Gently remove tear duct formation that drips or hardens around the animal’s eyes.
  • Groom sensitive areas like the face, ears, and eyes.
  • Massage tender scalps of old and young dogs alike!

Traditional combs can feel painful on sensitive areas like the face, ears, and eyes. The Delicate-Touch comb from the Untangler, gives you a pain-free way of grooming your pup’s more tender areas for an overall healthy coat. With this handy comb, you can easily remove hardened dirt from around your pet’s eyes and massage his or her scalp.

Before you use the Delicate-Touch comb, it’s important to remove any tangles by first grooming with a dog detangler comb or brush. Once your pet’s coat is free of snags, work the Delicate-Touch comb from head to tail at a 90-degree angle. To clean the brush, simply tap the comb on the side of the garbage.

What’s Included:

  • One, Delicate Touch Face & Tear-Duct Comb.
  • Available in blue or yellow.