3 Piece Professional Series Collection for Large Breeds - $36 Dollar Value for $29.50


Product Description

Handcrafted to the smallest detail, each tool uses humane technology of rotating teeth that glide to easily clear matted fur without causing harm and pain to your pet.  Fine teeth clear matts, course teeth finish/fluff resulting in a beautiful and professional look.  

Untangler 3 Piece for Large Breed Grooming:

  • T777 Pro Groomer II- 1.25” fine/course teeth
  • T716 Professional Groom ¾” - course teeth 
  • T801RLK Professional Shedding Rake 1.25” & 7/8” staggered teeth

Pro Groomer II 777: Best dual-spaced professional comb for untangling matted hair and fur and for professional fluff and finish.  For; long coats, thick coats, curly coats

Professional Groom CombT716: Course Comb remove mats without cutting.

Shedding Rake T801- Superior Rake to clear/clean fur on large animals 

  • Secure Binding: Sonic welded binding stops pin fall out and prevents danger to children and pets from swallowing or choking on loose pins.
  • Increases Pet Health: Massaging teeth "rub" the skin, stimulating blood circulation keeping skin and pet hair clean and healthy. Rubbing teeth relax the animal duing grooming.  
  • Tarnish Free: solid stainless-steel pins will never tarnish and can be disinfected in cleaning solutions to prevent the spread of dander and disease.
  • BPA Free, Toxic free materials
  • Made with precision and care in the USA

Award Winning Breeder and Groomer of Leonbergers

As a long time Breeder of Leonbergers I have found the Untangler comb to be my greatest asset in the grooming kit.   The Professional Groomer II- Extra-Long (1.25”) is my grooming tool of choice.  I detangle, style, fluff and finish with a single dual-spaced comb.  I also use the Course comb on the ears and tail and use the Untangler Shedding rake almost daily...just to keep the skin clear of crust build up and also to remove loose hair .  I showcase this majestic breed and give monthly demonstrations on how to groom and care for the Leonberger.  I recommend the Untangler Brand tools  for professional grooming. Rosemarie Lyon

Email: rosemarie@lymac.co.nz 
Website: https://www.lyonzred.com 
Lyonzred Leonbergers 

Untangler News!

Untangler ® is the inventor of the original 360 degree rotating tooth combs, brushes and rakes to ensure  pain-free grooming for Dogs and Cats.

Untangler has been sold for more than 18 years and always manufactured in the USA. Built and hand assembled in Hoffman Estates, Illinois by a superior team of veteran employees who love dogs and cats. Over 8 million Untangler Rakes and Combs have sold globally. P

Numerous Professional Groomers and Breeders use and endorse Untangler for expert grooming care.   Veterinarians recommend Untangler for humane mat removal and daily grooming.

Please contact us anytime and let us know your favorite comb.  Also tell us your favorite color so we can build it in the future. 

Thank you for using Untangler® to keep you pets looking fabulous without pain. Keep Untangling!

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