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Untangler's dual-spaced Cat Comb has 360 degree rotating stainless-steel teeth with smooth rounded tip to gently and effectively detangling matted cat hair and groom to perfection.

Patricia A - East Meadows, NY - 5 Stars!
"I have used your wonderful combs since 1986!! They are, in my opinion, the best on the market!!I love the quality, they are not uncomfortable to my furbabies with long hair!!I have Persian Cats, Shih Tzus.  When I have litters of babies.
I have purchased your products, they go home with each kitty or puppy in their care packages when they leave me!! 
I hope you stay around forever, there is no comparison to your products."


  • Prevents animal pain:  teeth rotate 360 degrees preventing cat hair from catching and wrapping around the pin and pulling the hair follicle causing hurful pain to cats.
  • Increases Cat Health: smooth round tips massage and "rub" the skin, increasing blood flow and circulation which cleans dander keeping skin and fur healthy.
  • Gentle massage: teeth continually move and rotate giving the skin a gentle massage and rub which Cats crave.
  • Secure safe binding: sonic welded binding stops pins from falling out of the spine preventing children or pets from chewing or swallowing loose pins.
  • Never Tarnish:  solid stainless-steel teeth never tarnish. Can be sterilized in disinfectant solutions.
Typically cats groom themselves but sometimes they need assistance when they run into tough tangles or snarls.


Recommended by: Dr. Ashley Paper DVM, CVA Veterinarian; Anastasia Cat Clinic, St Augustine, FL.  

Additional benefits:

  • Toxic free
  • Superior comb on wet fur.
  • Made in USA with precision care. 

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