Professional Grooming Rake - Long Teeth


Product Description

Untangler's Grooming Rake with long (1.5") teeth humanely grooms and collects loose hair without pain. 

  • Superior gooming tool for pets with medium to long hair.
  • Rounded rotating teeth collects look hair and gently clears tangles
  • Animals feel a gentle massage while the teeth rotate.
  • Natural oils in the animals skin are products resulting in a natural shiny coat without added creams or oils.
  • Easily collects hair, keeps it from flying around

 Animals love the rotating, massaging teeth. It relaxes!  

Breeder Recommended Tools for Superior Grooming:
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* Raewyn Mullan Braemist - Breeder Rough Collie 
* Rosemarie Lyon - Breeder Lyonbergers 

Additional benefits:

  • Toxic free, pharmaceutical grade materials.
  • American Made solid, rotating stainless-steel teeth that do not scratch or bend.
  • Superior rake for wet or dry fur.
  • Made in USA!