Extra-Long Professional Grooming Rake


Product Description

Untangler's Extra-Long grooming rake has 2" teeth that gently reaches gently into the animals coat easily collecting loose hair and fur without causing pain.

Designed for Large animals with thick coats. Retrievers, Husks, Sheepdogs. Great Pyrenees, German Shephards and more love this rake. 

Extra-Long teeth prevent loose hair from flying as you rake and brush.  Collected hair is easily pulled of to clean the rake.

  • Excellent for large animals with thick hair and fur
  • Made with a easy-grip handle that comfortably fits in your palm.
  • Massaging effect of rotating teeth calms animal and stimulates natural oils in the skin producing a healthy shiny coat.

 Animals love the massaging action of rotating teeth.

Breeder Recommended Tools for Superior grooming results
(View Breeder, Groomer and Vet recommendations on Untangler home page)
* Raewyn Mullan Braemist - Breeder Rough Collie
* Rosemarie Lyon  Lyonberger Breeder


Additional benefits:

  • Toxic free with pharmaceutical grade Materials.
  • American made solid stainless-steel teeth that do not scratch or bend when wet.
  • Superior comb for untangling wet or dry hair and fur.
  • Made in USA!