Customer Reviews

Brian P.  Verified
The Kitty comb rotating teeth really function well; It untangles without pulling the undercoat and there is significantly less friction generated between the hair and the teeth of the comb. my cat won't let me stop combing  


Elise R.  Verified
I have found that the Kitty Kat comb's rotating teeth not only do a good job of untangling cat hair; they also do a great job of removing loose and dead hair--better than some products that are advertised for just that purpose. Plus, they don't get clogged with oil or dirt like some short-toothed products do. I love these combs and use them for short, medium, and long-haired cats. Thank you!


Ilona J.  Verified
This product is wonderful for dogs with long hair, such as English Setters and Field Spaniels. It combs out stickers and burrs and leaves the hair intact.


Raewyn B.  Verified
Wonderful company to deal with. Top quality products. I have used these products for years, and as a Rough Collie breeder for over 30 years I can honestly say that their extra long teeth Untangler Combs are the best grooming comb on the market.

JoAnne H. Verified
this is my second one. I love it so much I wanted to share it so I gave it away. I can't live without one because my pets are so spoiled by it. I'll probably share this one and order again. I do this for my canine children they love it !


Brenda W. Verified
For my long hair Maine Coons, this is the best groomer. It fits easily in the palm of my hand and I can work their under-belly without a fuss.

Catherine S. Verified
I’ve used 7 products.  Love them for my dogs.  Make grooming easy. Great products because my pets relax when i comb them.


April 12, 2018

Jox, Key West, FL

TheUntangler Mini-Rake!  this is the BEST comb-brush-untangler-massage time!!! I've ever owned. More people should know about this because my dogs love,and I mean LOVE to get a massage with this. I'm sure there are other combs that are good but this is actually a message brush for my dogs. I'm babysitting right now and the Australian Shepard with only hair..and the terrier with wirery hair think they're at a spa. I originally got it for my 3 Corgis and when I found out how gentle and therapeutic  it was all the dogs in my neighborhood started to line up for their"special time" Thank you,   jox


January 10, 2017

Jay, Boston

The Untangler Comb n trap is excellent. You actually need to get used to the angle that you need to hold against the skin while using. The clear plastic snap trap is cool.  it traps the fleas between the rows and holds them for removal.  It works well. I have never used one better than the this!


January 25, 2017

Peter C. Indianapolis

I have German shepherd and The Untangler Shedding Rake is fabulous!  it works great.  It also works great on my I would think it would work on any of our little hairy friends. love the short and long teeth.  it catches the loose fur perfectly

Feb 14

Cindy, New Canaan

best tool for the job.  the Pro-groomer comb. love the small and large spacing all on one comb.  I use it on my Malt-Mix.


Feb 20, 2017

Jan, Denver

Love, love, love this mini-rake. We have a medium haired great Pyr. His coat can get matted overnight.  This mini rake is perfect for removing the loose undercoat without pulling or hurting my Pyr. He lays down while we brush him.  seems to love it. No more chasing him with a brush trying to get him to sit still to remove all of that loose fur.


Feb 22, 2017

Bob, KC

This is an excellent shedding rake from Theuntangler at an affordable price.  great find. Feels good in hand.  great that the fur doesn’t fly around anymore.


Feb 26, 2017

John, Louisville

I bought both the 5” and 7” Kat comb.  I’m impressed. works well for our large long haired cat to help prevent matts.  good stuff



March 2, 2017

Mark, Virginia Beach

I like The Professional grooming Comb for my Cocker Spaniel . It’s sturdy but not clunky. Pup can't chew it! I use wide teeth first, then narrow teeth pick out more debris. the rounded teeth are smooth, not sharp/ scratchy like the cheap plastic comb. 



June 1, 2017

Dave b. , Vegas

The untangler Pro-Grooming comb works for me.  The wider side is perfect for untangling mats or to give a fluffy/finished appearance to the coat. (australian shepherd/poodle mix). I Use the finer side for  the face and paws.



June 9, 2017

Catherine, Cleveland

Best tool I have used in our Husky. I got tired of cleaning our floors daily sometimes even twice. The first time I used this Untangler shedding-rake tool I got way more than I expected….no more flying fur and a BIG plus is that is gentle for her.


June 10, 2017

Gina K. Austin

The pro-grooming comb is fantastic for grooming my Pomeranian! Good quality and good price!


June 22, 2017

Annie, Atlanta

My Maltese mix dog’s long hair seems to attract all sorts of grass fleas, gnats, pollen, etc. Whenever we come in from a walk, I like to run a fine comb through her fur to be sure that no unwanted visitors make their way into the house.
I bought theUntangler fleaRid delicate touch comb and the Comb N Trap Flea Comb.  I love the Comb n trap because it has a catch trap and I’m able to actually see what kind of fleas and gnats my dog is catching. I do keep a jar of soapy water on the grooming table to rinse the comb after use. But the trap keeps the fleas from catching in the comb and sticking to my clothes.  I use the delicate touch comb for the face and it works well.  My Maltese doesn’t pull away while being combed so I know the comb is gentle.

August 1, 2017
Jake, Minneapolis

Great Kitty Kat Comb - gets out even the tough knots that are so thick that I use to to cut out. The metal teeth rotate and catch the loose hair; just pull the hair away from the teeth when they're full and continue to comb.

Go slowly the first time; afterwards, it's a breeze to take out any knots and clumps. This comb keeps bad fur days under control and the hair off of your couch and less hair ball barfing! A winner.


Aug 12, 2017

Mike, Delray beach

the untangler Groomster is my tool of choice.  Ha!  my golden retriever expects a brush after every run.  Ha! who’d a thought it. 



Aug 22, 2017

Lilly, bay area

Works well on my doodle.  a real professional grooming comb.  the teeth really spin and prevent pulling.  


Aug 23, 2017

Kevin, davenport

Good value for the product. Theuntangler 5” and 7” pet comb works well for my 7 lb. Papitese and she tolerates grooming much better. This rotating stainless-steel tooth comb was recommended as the most essential grooming tool to have for my type of dog. So I found it on Theuntangler site.  After using it, I my Papitese looks silky.  Great product.


Sept 1, 2017

Julie L., Niles

I love this little Untangler mini-rake.  Combs easily through my Shih Tzu’s thick coat. no pulling. I carry in in my purse.


Sept 2, 2017

Thomas, Smyrna

The Pro-grooming comb works well for my dogs that have hair and not fur. It combs easily through their longer coats and the dogs are not bothered by the combing. We are very pleased with the product!


Sept 9, 2017

Max, St. Paul

I use to use a nice metal comb.  Now that I’ve tried TheUntangler pro-grooming comb with rotating teeth I’m hooked.  It’s perfect on long haired dogs like my Tibetan Terrier. Now I think I’ll order one of TheUntangler rakes.



Sept 10, 2017

Johathan, Syracuse

Tried many combs and have a collection of different types that just don't get the job done. The Untangler pro-grooming comb is a GREAT comb.  I used it on my long haired Maine Coon and Ragdoll Cats.  I also tried the untangler shedding rake on my bearded collie.this is a great product ...perfect results! Both tools are a great size, is easy to grip and get a good hold on it.


Sept 14, 2017

Austin, Scottsdale

my border collie loves the groomster.  can’t believe it.  I use it wet and dry.  what a great easy product to use.



Sept 15, 2017

Jason, Jacksonville

the delicate touch flea comb is fantastic for my Blue Terrier.  i am really surprised how much debris and fleas it collects.  yikes.  I use it a lot now.



Sept 19,2017

Gail, Hot Springs

This untangler professional grooming comb is well weighted, well made with no sharp edges. Very nice in your hand.



Sept 21, 2017

Clara, Charlotte

My welsh Corgi is fussy yet seems to like the mini-rake.  I think it’s the rounded teeth that give my Corgi a gentle scratch and massaging that she craves.  She brings the rake it to me in her teeth.  I’m flabergasted. 



Sept 21, 2017

Naomi, Boise

I needed an easy grooming tool for my Anatolian shephard. Must brush her constantly to keep her fur from getting severely matted.  found theuntangler site and tried the gooming rake and the mini-rake.  love both.  use the mini-rake under her belly and around her neck.  It’s easy to grip and easy to use.  I also use the Large grooming rake over her back and she actually sits still.  



Sept 23, 2017

Ellie, Bakersfield

I have a long haired Terrier who loves getting groomed. Ever since I comb her daily with the untangler rake she has stopped her constant scratching.  it works.  I’m pleased. 


Sept 24, 2017

Gabby, Tucson

I have 2 Yorkshire terriers and a Maltese.  My dogs have  silky hair, not fur.  I have several wire and bristle brushes, but my dogs hated them.  I had been searching for pin brushes and combs since my groomer told me that this type of product works well to keep hair tangle free. When I found the untangler site I was thrilled.  now that I’m using the Rake and the pro-grooming comb, I finally see why I need the stainless steel teeth that spin!  My dogs seem to love the massaging sensation.  The rotating pins are smooth so the hair is not pulled!  Wow, what a difference.   


Oct 1, 2017

Marie, Concord

My German shephard sheds a lot so I wanted a great grooming rake with long teeth that I could use in the house and one that would collect a large amount of hair.  I found that the Shedding rake and the Grooming rake with extra long rotating teeth really work.  The hair stays on the tool and really prevents hair from flying all over my floors and furniture.  Great products!


Oct 3, 2017

Grace, Danvers

I have a Staffordshire Terrier.  They have short coats shed minimally throughout the year, but really heavy twice a year.  I didn’t want to use a metal brush comb for daily brushing.  What really works is this Untangler Massager Groomster.  Love this product.  It’s comfortable to hold and wide rubber like fingers that make my dog just lay down and relax.  Really Cool.  I use it just about every day and my dog’s coat now has a great shine.  I ordered 2 more. 


Oct 14, 2017

Leo, Edgartown

Bought TheUntangler Groomster-massager to brush out my Dachshund since he likes to roll around in stinky things.  I don’t like to bathe him much so this hand-held rubber/finger brush works well for me.  My dachshund sits on my lap and expects a brushing almost every evening.  Thumbs up! on this product


Oct 15, 2017

Nick, Annapolis

I was looking for a soft grooming brush to brush out my Chihuahua.  I found this Untangler groomster-massager.  The wide finger prongs fluff my chihuahua’s coat.  good stuff. My dog also loves it as a toy. guess I need a couple more.


Oct 20,

Owen, Gloucester

I have a box full of grooming stuff, but my latest purchase is working well.  I like this round groomster-massager.  It fits in the palm of my hand and it’s really east to brush my Boston Terrier. She seems to love the massage.  I use it a log has a short, smooth coat that is easy to groom and doesn’t shed heavily. Brush him weekly with a rubber hound mitt to remove dead hair and keep the skin healthy



Oct 24, 2017

Diane, Greenwich

My White Terrier Westies require regular brushing so I was looking for a small, easy grooming tool.  I bought theUntangler mini-rake and I’m a complete fan!  love this thing.  I can gently brush my dogs entire body including the head and underbelly, quickly and easily.  My dog rolls over when I brush him.  guess he likes it.  Perfect!


Oct 31, 2017

Nancy, Ironwood

I have a Scottish terrier and use a pin brush daily to bush out tangles mats. But I needed a great comb to get the smaller knots out so I ordered the Untangler 5” and 7” pet comb.  Wow. the smooth rotating teeth really work to pull out knots and mats.  Never knew that rotating teeth could be so effective.  Great stuff.  I’m going to try the mini rake next.  Great products.



Oct 31, 2017

Beth, Pontiac

I love trying new products.   Just found TheUntangler site so I tried the mini-rake and the Groomster-Massager.  I use the mini-rake to brush my Jack Russel daily. It seems to help a lot and stops loose hair from landing all over the house. I also love this palm held Groomster-massager.  My jack Russel jumps up on my lap for his nighly massage.  works great.


Nov 1, 2017

Josh, New Smyrna Beach

Found the secret to grooming my Border Collie. I’ve been brushing my dog weekly using a great rake from the Untangler.  I tried this product because the info said that the rotating teeth reach down to my dogs skin without pulling and will stimulate the natural oils.  I was kind of skeptical, but what do you know… I see a difference in the shine and my dog has less mats forming.  I understand now!  Great products. 



Nov 5, 2017

Ava, Port Huron

I have a Welsh Corgi that needs regular brushing so I tried the Grooming rake from theUntangler.  The teeth really do spin and my corgi seems to love the sensation.  funny.


Nov 22, 2017

Luke, duluth

I have a Bearded Collie puppy and yikes, she sheds year round. I bought TheUntangler grooming rake and found that it works well.  I also tried the Groomster- massager and love this tool for daily brushing.  Fits comfortably in the palm of my hand and allows me to brush quickly and thoroughly. 


Nov 30, 2017

Todd, International Falls

My little Havanese has a thick, thick soft coat, he doesn’t shed much but I’ve got to brush him daily to prevent and mats.  I was looking for a strong-sturdy tool but one that would hurt my pup while I was grooming.  I read about TheUntangler rounded-stainless steel teeth that rotate and was intrigued.  So I ordered the grooming rake with extra long teeth and the flearid comb for the face.  I’ve got to say, I’m surprised and pleased.  The rotating teeth really do work without pulling and this flea rid comb helps me easily groom around my pets face without pulling the fur.  Nice!



Dec 5, 2017

Renee, Greenville

Bought a Groomer-Massager for my Staffordshire.  Needed an easy brushing tool to keep its coat shiny.  I have to say, I enjoy using this product and it really works.  My dog’s coat is super shinny. 



Dec 14, 2017

Maddy, Jefferson City

I have a toy POM that I need to brush a lot.  The coat is long, thick and coarse.  My Groomer told me to get a stainless steel product that would stimulate the skin so the natural oils would protect the coat.  When I found theuntangler site I was amazed to read that a rotating stainless teeth on a tool helps stimulates the skin.  so I ordered the shedding rake and the grooming rake.  I am really pleased.   These products work well for me. 


Jan 6, 2018

Tim, Akron Ohio

Got a couple of new pet grooming tools for my golden retriever at Christmas.  I need to brush my golden daily and sometimes it’s a pain.  One of the products I really like is this handy “palm sized” Groomster-Massager from TheUntangler.  I find that I sit on the floor, hold this product in my palm and brush my golden.  My golden just rolls over for more.  I’m not cranky now.  good stuff.