Small Pet Comb


Product Description

The 5" Pet Comb delivers the ultimate humane grooming care because the technology of independently rotating teeth by Untangler prevents pain and pulling on the animals tender undercoat

Independently rotating teeth is 'key' in pain-free clearing of mats and tangles.

  • Humanely remove loose hair and dead undercoat.
  • Comb easily clears tangled fur without pain or pull on the tender undercoat.
  • Massages your pet’s skin to produce natural oils for a shiny coat.

Moving teeth provide a gently massage on the animals skin which relaxes!  Animals love the sensation.

Designed for small Breeds.  Superior tool for short-haired dogs and cats. 

Additional benefits:

  • Toxic free, with pharmaceutical grade materials
  • American Made solid stainless-steel that do not scratch or bend.
  • Superior comb for wet or dry fur and hair.
  • Made in USA!