7" Kitty Kat Comb - with Dual-Spaced 360° Rotating Stainless-Steel Teeth; 55 teeth


Product Description

Groom your cat with ease using this dual-spaced Kitty Kat Comb!

  • Fine spaced teeth easily comb through tangles.
  • Wide spaced teeth finish and fluff.
  • The long teeth easily reach the undercoat, removing loose hair while simultaneously massaging your cat.

You don’t typically think of cats as needing to be groomed, especially since they are known for doing it themselves. However, with cats that have long fur, you may need to give them a little assistance when they run into tangles or snarls. Traditional combs may pull and tug, making grooming an unpleasant experience for your kitty. Luckily, with TheUntangler cat hair comb, getting through tough tangles is easy! The rotating, stainless steel teeth easily work through snarls, while also massaging your cat’s skin and removing loose fur from the undercoat. Try our cat hair comb today!

What’s Included:

  • One, Seven-Inch dual spaced teeth Kitty Kat Comb
  • Available in white