Kitty Kat Professional Dual-Spaced Comb


Product Description

7" Kitty Kat Comb is a Groomer preferred comb for detangling and fluffing

  • Fine spaced teeth easily comb through tangles.
  • Wide spaced teeth finish and fluff.
  • The long teeth easily reach the undercoat, removing loose hair while simultaneously massaging your cat.

Typically cats groom themselves, however,cats that have long fur, need assistance when they run into tangles or snarls.

Traditional combs with rigid teeth can pull and tug pulling out hair and fur.

The Kitty Kat Professional comb rotates and glides easily work through snarls, while also massaging your cat’s skin.  Loose hair and fur are removed easily without pulling the tender undercoat. 

The messaging sensation of rotating teeth calm and relaxes the animal.  Cats love the sensation and always want more.

What’s Included:

  • One, Seven-Inch dual spaced teeth Kitty Kat Comb
  • Available in Pearl White