Super Groom - Small Pet Comb


Product Description

The Super Groom Comb delivers the ultimate humane grooming care because the technology of independently rotating teeth by Untangler prevents pain and pulling on the animals tender undercoat.

Independently rotating tooth technology is 'key' in humane, pain-free clearing of mats and tangles.

 Super-Groom Comb has wide-spaced teeth for  perfect small pet grooming

  • Humanely detangles and grooms small pets with coarse and long hair.
  • Rotating teeth gently glide to remove tangles without painful pulling on the animals undercoat.
  • The comfortable grip allows for quick movement through fur.
  • The rotating teeth gently massage and calm the animal while you groom. It  stimulate natural oils in the skin that keep your pet's coat sleek and silky.

Pet's love the gentle rotating rub and massage.  It relaxes!

 Preferred Comb for Yorkies, Havanese and animals with silky hair and fur.

Breeder Recommended:

*Award Winning Breeder of Havanese Marie - Asunray Havanese Kennel