Comb N' Trap Flea & Debris Comb with 360° Rotating Stainless-Steel Teeth; 78 teeth


Product Description

Trap fleas, ticks, dirt, and more with our Comb N’ Trap pet brush!

  • Provides your pet with a thorough and pain-free grooming.
  • Open and close trap allows for easy cleaning.
  • Rotating teeth easily trap fleas, ticks, and dirt!

During the summer, your dog’s fur can pick up a number of unwanted dirt and bugs, making regular grooming an important necessity. With our convenient flea and tick remover for dogs, getting rid of the pesky pests is easy! First, comb through your dog’s fur with our dog detangler comb to get rid of any snags. Next, after making sure the trap is snapped closed, work your way through your dog’s fur with our Comb N’ Trap comb. Use the comb as close to the skin as possible with a slight upwards angle. To clean your dog comb, simply open the trap or tap the comb against the side of a bucket of water to release any trapped fleas or dirt.

Use this flea and tick remover only after using our dog detangler comb. Shop all of the Untangler’s dog grooming accessories now!

What’s Included:

  • One, Comb N’ Trap Flea & Debris Comb.
  • Available in dark blue.