Professional Pet Comb- Groomer Preferrred


Product Description

Preferred by Breeders and Groomers Globally for superior grooming results for large dogs with thick or curly coats.

The Professional Pet Comb delivers the ultimate humane grooming care because the technology of independently rotating teeth by Untangler prevents pain and pulling on the animals tender undercoat

 Independently rotating tooth technology is 'key' in humane, pain-free clearing of mats and tangles.

  • 360° Rotating teeth gently glide through fur untangling thick mats and tangles without pulling on the undercoat.
  • Massaging teeth stimulate the natural oils in the skin for a health coat.
  • Loose hair is easily removed and captured in the rotating teeth.
  • Sonic welded stainless pins - to prevent fall out, swallowing or choking.

Animals love the massaging rub of rotating teeth. It relaxes.

    Breeder and Groomer Recommended:

    (see Breeder Recommendations on Untangler Home page)
    * King Charles Cavalier Breeder- Bonnie Sands
    * Portguese Water Dogs Groomer- Annie Herberholz
    * Briard Breeder - Nicole Muller, La Petite Rochette

    Additional benefits:
    • Toxic free, BPA FREE.
    • American Made solid, rotating stainless-steel teeth with tumbled tips scratch
    • Superior comb for wet or dry hair and fur.
    • Made in USA!