Professional Groomer II- 1.25" Rotating Teeth - Groomer's Choice


Product Description

Professional Groomer II Comb - Extra Long, dual-spaced rotating teeth enable perfect detangling, styling & finishing in once exceptional comb. Groomer's preferred tool for professional results.

Perfect for: 

  • Short Double Coats
  • Medium Double Coats
  • Long or Drop Coats
  • Curly Coats
  • Thick Coats

    Professional Groomers and Breeders prefer this sleek design with extra long dual-spaced  teeth to humanely remove loose fur, and to style, finish and fluff.

    • Extra-Long, wide teeth allow insertion into the coat without pushing and easily penetrates the thickest of coats.
    • 360 rotating teeth prevent snagging,pulling and pain while gently massage the animal's skin calming the animal during grooming.
    • Fine-spaced teeth allow detailed work around eyes and paws.
    • Rotating teeth massage the skin, encouraging the production of natural oils for a healthy coat without added oils.

    Champion Breeder and Groomer Recommended 

    (View Untangler Home Page to read Breeder, Groomer & Vet Recommendations)
    * Rosemarie Lyon, Award winning Leonberger Breeder
    * Raewyn Mullan Braemist - Award winning Breeder Rough Collie 
    * Rosemary Sutton, Champion Afghan Breeder

      Additional benefits:

    • Toxic free
    • Solid stainless-steel that do not scratch or bend.
    • Superior comb wet or dry fur and hair.
    • Made in USA!