Small Pet Super Groom Comb


Product Description

Super-Groom Comb has wide-spaced teeth for Small Pet Grooming

Independent rotating teeth is ‘key’ in humane care and pain-free grooming.

  • Independently rotating teeth humanely remove tangles without painful pulling on the animals undercoat.
  • Massaging action of rotating teeth calm the animal while you groom and stimulate natural oils in the skin that keep your dog’s coat sleek and silky.

Preferred Comb for Yorkies, Havanese and animals with silky hair .

Breeder Recommended:

*Award Winning Breeder of Havanese Marie - Asunray Havanese Kennel

Gave a score of  5.0"The  Super Groom II and The Untangler Super Groom and Super Groom II Combs are especially useful in gently removing mats while cleaning and grooming the Havanese coat. Love these combs"

Additional benefits:

  • 100% toxic free with american made solid stainless steel-teeth that do not scratch, bend or fall out even when wet.
  • Superior Comb for detangling wet or dry hair and fur
  • Made in USA