Dual-Spaced Groomer's Comb


Product Description

Untangler's Dual-Spaced Groomer Comb is a Groomer Choice Comb.

All in one comb to humanly untangles tough mats and allows for detailed work.

  • narrow fine spaced teeth gently untangle matted fur .
  • wide course teeth for fluffing and finishing.
  • Long teeth remove loose fur and collect it easily.

Rotating teeth grab loose fur without pulling on the undercoat. 

Teeth massage and rub the animals skin which animals crave.  Natural oils are stimulated for healthy silky coat.  

Untangler fans tell us they love this comb for their Breed including; Terriers, Bearded Collie, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Afghan Hound, Havanese, Komondor, Bernese and so many others.   

Breeder Recommended  (View Breeder, Groomer and Vet recommendations on Untangler Home Page)

  • Donna Robillard, Winrob Reg’d Kennel - King Charles Cavalier Breeder 
  • Nicole Muller, La Petite Rochette- Briard Breeder

Additional benefits:

  • Toxic free
  • Solid stainless-steel teeth with smooth tumbled tips.
  • Superior Comb for wet pet hair.
  • Made in USA!

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