Dual-Spaced Professional Detangle & Finishing Comb- Groomers Choice


Product Description

Dual-Spaced Comb is the Optimum in Care for humanely detangling, grooming and fluffing.

Independently rotating teeth is the key to providing the humane touch when detangling, cleaning and grooming.

This Professional Dual-Spaced comb allows for detailed work.

  • Use narrow teeth to gently untangle matted fur.
  • Fluff using wide teeth for a beautiful finish.
  • Continuous action of independently rotating teeth massage your pet’s skin, promoting the production of natural oils resulting in a shiny coat.
  • Long teeth remove loose fur and collect it easily.

Rotating teeth grab loose fur without pulling on the undercoat.  The massaging effect of rotating teeth calms and stimulates the production of natural oils in the animals skin for a sleek and silky coat.  

Untangler fans tell us they love this comb for their Breed including; Terriers, Bearded Collie, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Afghan Hound, Havanese, Komondor, Bernese and so many others.