Groom & Bath Brush


Product Description

Take the stress out of bath time with the Groom & Bath Brush from the Untangler!

  • Gently combs through tangles.
  • Perfect for all types of fur.
  • Long fingers reach deep into your pet’s coat, removing loose hairs.

Bath time can be a struggle for both you and your pet, especially if you’re trying to comb through tough tangles with a traditional comb. Most pet combs and brushes have sharp teeth that pull and tug, making grooming a painful experience. However, the Groom & Bath Brush from the Untangler gently massages your pet while easily combing through tough tangles. Additionally, the waterproof material is perfect for bath time! Easily work shampoo through your pet’s fur for a gentle and thorough clean. Why wait? Get your Groom & Bath Brush set from the Untangler today!

What’s Included:

  • Two Groom & Bath Brushes