Pro Groomer Collection -Large Breeds - $36 Value for $27.50


Product Description

Handcrafted to the smallest detail, each tool uses humane technology of rotating teeth that glide to easily clear matted fur.  Fine teeth clear matts, course teeth finish/fluff for a professional look.  


  • T777 Pro Groomer II- 1.25” fine/course teeth
  • T716 Professional Groom ¾” - course teeth 
  • T801RLK Professional Shedding Rake 1.25” & 7/8” staggered teeth

Pro Groomer II 777: Best all in one tool to clear tough mats finish and fluff in an all in one comb.  For; long coats, thick coats, curly coats

Professional Groom CombT716: Course Comb for tough matted coats.

Shedding Rake T801- Superior Rake to clear/clean fur on large animals 

  • Sonic welded stainless pins prevent fall out, swallowing or choking.
  • Teeth rotate, massage and rub which animals love. 

Made in USA

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