Small Breed 3 Piece Set - smooth rotating teeth for untangling, grooming and finishing


Product Description

Handcrafted to the smallest detail, each tool uses humane technology of rotating teeth that glide to easily clear matted fur.  Fine teeth clear mats, course teeth finish/fluff for a professional look.  


  • Super Groom Comb (T705SS) - 22 Course Teeth
  • Super Groom Comb II (T735SS) - 30 Fine Teeth 
  •  V-Shaped Mini-Rake (T821RK) – 21 V-shape, double row long teeth

Compact Comb: Best small comb to untangle mats and all around grooming. Excellent for short and medium coats

Super Groom II: Narrow teeth clear tangled hair and grooms face, eyes and paws.

V-Shaped Mini-Rake: Double Row Teeth - superior for cleaning hard to reach areas, under legs, neck, behind ears, underbelly. 

  • Smooth tumbled teeth rotate, massage and rub which animals love. 
  • Teeth stimulate natural oils in the animal’s skin for a healthy coat
  • Sonic welded stainless pins prevent fall out, swallowing or choking.
  • Made in USA