Kitty Kat Detangle & Groom Comb - Narrow Teeth


Product Description

Combing daily helps to prevent matting and hairball formation. The Kitty Kat Comb is the Optimum in Care for humanely detangling, grooming and fluffing.

 Independently rotating teeth is the key to providing the humane touch for pain-free grooming.

  • Narrow rotating stainless-steel teeth gently glide through tangled fur without pulling on the cat's tender undercoat.
  • The massaging action of the rotating teeth stimulate natural oils in the cats skin giving your pet a natural shiny and healthy coat.
  • Perfect for cats with short to medium-length hair.

This compact detangler makes grooming a pain-free and pleasant experience for both you and your feline. The rotating action calms and gently massages your kitty's skin causing them to meow for more.

What’s Included:
  • One, Kitty Cat Comb.
  • Available in Pearl white