V-Shaped Mini Rake-Best Seller


Product Description

“if your dog has a thick, long double coat that tends to knot up, this is the best money you'll ever spend”  …Untangler customer review: P. Roberts, MN.” gave a score of 5

 The Mini-Rake has V-Shaped design and double row of long, rotating teeth to  clear tangled fur and mats without causing pain to your pet

  • The V-shaped allows mat clearing in hard to reach areas.
  • Rotating teeth humanely clear tangles.
  • Massaging teeth stimulates the skin for a healthy coat.
  • Animals love the gentle rub of moving teeth and sit still while you groom

Unique design is perfect for grooming all dog breeds and even cats. 
Comfortable ergonomic grip.

Breeder Recommended: (Visit Breeder, Groomer and Vet recommendations on Untangler Home Page)

* Nicole Muller - La Petite Rochette- Briard Breeder
* Donna Robillard - Winrob Reg’d Kennel - King Charles Spaniel Breeder


  • Toxic free,
  • Sonic welded stainless steel-teeth prevent animal choking.
  • Superior for wet or dry use.
  • Made in USA!

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