Untangler Brush for Sensitive pet skin -smooth rotating plastic teeth for painfree grooming.


Product Description

Untangler Pet Brush with 40 smooth plastic teeth and polished rounded tips cleans dander and alergens easily and is extremely gentle to pets with sensitive skin. T908PETBrush

Humane grooming :  Teeth continuously rotate and move up and down to prevent hair from wrapping around the pin and pulling on the hair follicle preventing  pain.

Increases health: Rounded tips gently rub and massage the muscles and skin increasing circulation keeping skin and coats healthy.  

Easy to handle:  short 7.25" size allows easy movement for under legs, behind ears and hard to reach areas.

Secure Binding: Patent design allows pins to float free in the spine but are securely sonic welded in a binding to stops them from from falling out and injuring children and pets.oming under legs, around neck and hard to reach areas.

Made in the USA with precision workmanship and care.

Superior Brush for small dogs and Cats. 

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