Pet Comb Groom Set - 5" and 7"Combs with course teeth


Product Description

Pet Comb Groom Set:

Set Includes:  One 5"Comb-36 Course Teeth & One 7" Comb-51 Course Teeth

Benefits of Untangler Combs

  • Rotating teeth prevent hair from wrapping around the pin and pulling which causes animal pain
  • Teeth move and massage promoting healthy skin & coats
  • Sonic welded teeth prevent pin fall out, animal chewing and choking
  • Stainless teeth never tarnish, can be sterilized
  • BPA, toxic free
  • Made with care and love in the USA.

Groomer preferred Combs for: Portuguese Water Dogs, Doodles, Terriers, Corgi's, King Charles Cavalier's, Cocker Spaniels.  Breed with curly or medium long coats.

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