Pet Pickins SLANTED Magifier & Tweezers with 4X magnifying lens and nickel-plated tweezers


Product Description

Make removing splinters and other pesky debris a breeze with these Slanted Magnifier & Tweezers!

  • Made with a high-quality magnifying lens and nickel-plated tweezers.
  • Allows for easy removal of ticks, splinters, stingers, and more!
  • Get two tools in one!

When you let your pet outside, there’s no telling what he or she will get into. From splinters and stingers to ticks and cactus needles, your pet can easily get into trouble in the great outdoors. Instead of fumbling with a pair of tweezers while trying to see what you need to remove, TheUntangler has made it easy! Our magnifying tweezers come with all the tools you need, in one handy device. Get yours from TheUntangler today!

What’s Included:

  • One Pet Pickins Slanted Magnifier & Tweezers