Professional Shedding Rake - Long and Short 360° Rotating Stainless Steel Teeth; 22 teeth


Product Description

Professional Shedding Rake for Collecting Loose hair and Cleaning Fur

  • Designed with both long and short teeth that comb away loose and tangled fur
  • Gently removes tangles and mats with ease
  • Rotating teeth stimulate and massage the skin which yields a shiny coat
  • Works well on all types of long-haired animals
  • Prevents loose hair from flying around the house

The Professional Shedding Rake is specifically designed to easily work through tough tangles and mats while collecting loose hair. 

The short and long rotating teeth reach deep into the fur to clear and clean the without painful pulling on the undercoat.   360 degree rotating teeth are not rigid and reduce the pulling force that can tear hair out by the roots.

Tumbled/rounded tips gently massage your pet's skin and stimulate the production of natural oils, giving your pet a natural shiny coat.

What’s Included:

  • Professional Shedding Rake
  • Available in royal blue, purple, and dark blue