Super Groom Comb


Product Description

Super Groom Combs use "rolling" rotating teeth to gentle clears matted hair and fur without causing pain.  Designed for small breeds.

Super-Groom:  22 course teeth- wide spacing
  • Humane dematting:  teeth “roll” and “rotate” preventing hair from snagging on the pin and pulling on the hair follicle which preventing animals from feeling pain.
  • Increases pet health: rotating teeth “rub” and massage the skin increasing circulation which keeps skin and coats clean, healthy and shiny.

  • Tarnish free: solid stainless steel teeth never tarnish; can be safely disinfected in solutions preventing the spread of diseases.

  • Secure binding: sonic welded binding prevent pins from falling out, keeping children and pets safe from chewing or swallowing loose pins. 
  • Made with precision and care in the USA.
  • BPA free, Toxic free materials

Preferred Comb for Yorkies, Havanese and animals with silky hair .

Award Winning Breeder of Havanese; Marie Asunray Havanese Kennel

The Untangler Super Groom and Super Groom II Combs are especially useful in gently removing mats while cleaning and grooming the Havanese coat.

 The Untangler Dual-Spaced Comb is convenient and effective ringside. We use it for touch up and  finishing before going into the show ring.


Marie - Asunray Havanese Kennel
Harvest, AL

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