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Product Description

Super Groom II with 30 fine spaced teeth dematts pet hair without causing hurtful pain to your pet.

Independently rotating teeth is  a 'key' element in preventing pain to pets when dematting tough tangles.

Humane dematting:  teeth “roll” and “rotate” preventing hair from wrapping and snagging on the pin and pulling on the hair follicle which preventing pain to pets.

Increases pet health: rotating teeth “rub” & massage the skin increasing circulation which keeps skin and coats clean, healthy and shiny.

Tarnish free: solid stainless-steel teeth never tarnish; can be safely disinfected in solutions preventing the spread of diseases.

Secure binding: sonic weld binding prevent pins from falling out, keeping pets and children safe from chewing or swallowing loose pins.

Made with precision care and love in the USA.

    Groomer Favorite Comb; for Yorkies, Havanese, Schnauzers; most Breeds with silky and fine/medium thick hair.

    Untangler customer:Linda K. Sacramento, CA – 5 Stars!!! 
    "Love my Super groom II comb with handle.  The rotating teeth are so effective at removing mats on my Bichon.  The handle makes it super easy to hold.  I’m liking it. "

    Breeder Recommended:

    *Award Winning Breeder of Havanese Marie - Asunray Havanese Kennel

     Additional benefits:

    • Toxic free
    • Superior comb for untangling wet matted fur.

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