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All Untangler® grooming combs have special rotating teeth that remove tangles easily, without the pain of pulling and snagging. Conventional rigid tooth combs pull at your pet's coat and tear out hair by the root. Ouch! The Untangler® line of combs take away the pain and the tangles in one easy motion.

Pet owners know how matted and tangled a pet's coat can get.  Combing those nasty tangles out can be a painful experience for owner and pet alike.  What theUntangler® combs do better than any other pet grooming comb is take the pain out of grooming.  Our Untangler® pet combs feature special rotating teeth that decrease hair pull-out and are much more gentle to animal hair than a conventional grooming comb.

Teeth rotate 360 degrees to roll & glide through tangles, while adding a gentle massage for your pet!

See our unique line of veterinarian devices HERE -->>  Items include the Flea Rid Comb, Dentiview Kit, Magnifying Glasses and a Magnifying tweezer.  As we are the manufacturer all items available as singles, 12 packs or 144 cases.

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Super-Groom™ Pet Hair Grooming Comb Super-Groom™ Pet Hair Grooming Comb
The Super-Groom™ Pet Hair Grooming Comb features WIDES SPACED Stainless Steel rotating teeth. This pet grooming comb is great for long, thick, tangled hair on Dogs, Ponies, Horses, etc. Strong, narrow handle.
Avaliable in assorted Black and Hot Pink handles.
Please Choose a color before ordering.

To order a 12 Pack for $64.70 Click HERE

Our Price: US$9.99
Was: US$11.99


7 Inch Kitty Kat Komb ™ 7 Inch Kitty Kat Komb ™
Larger sized 7 inch pet hair comb with dual spacing. WIDE SPACED - STAINLESS STEEL rotating teeth for fuller, longer hair, and finer spacing on the other half of comb.
Pearl White Handle Only.

To order a 12 Pack for $53.28 Click HERE

Our Price: US$11.49
Was: US$15.99


Denti View™ Kit - White ABS Denti View™ Kit - White ABS
White ABS Plastic, with Stainless Steel tips. Dentiview Kit, contains 1 Mouth Mirror, (#5 Size), 1 Probe Explorer, 1 Scaler, and Shepherd's hook explorer. For Veterinarian use or professional groomers only.
This Model FDSM007 is White
Also available in Blue Nylon, autoclavable material with stainelss steel tips Model FDSM711.
Our Price: US$11.95
Was: US$19.95


Pet Hair Shedding Rake Pet Hair Shedding Rake
Combination 1 inch and 1¼ inch ROTATING STAINLESS STEEL TEETH. Great for all types of medium to long coat Dogs, Horses, and many other pets. The Best Untangler Pet Hair Rake.
Available in Purple Only
Please Choose a color before ordering.

To order a 12 Pack for $81.84 Click HERE

Our Price: US$12.99
Was: US$14.99


Pet Groomer Shedding Rake - New Pet Groomer Shedding Rake - New
This pet hair grooming rake features Combination 1 inch and 1 ¼ inch ROTATING STAINLESS STEEL TEETH. Grooms and combs deeply through thick double-coated, medium to long fur. Great for removing dead undercoat when dog is shedding - works better than brushing. Strong Stainless steel rotating teeth designed to remove tangles and mats fast and easy. Works superbly to groom Samoyeds, Siberian Huskies, Newfoundlands, Horses, Llamas, and many other pet animals.
Available in Purple Only

To order a 12 Pack for $81.84 Click HERE

Our Price: US$13.98
Was: US$15.99


Flea Rid™ Delicate Touch Comb 12 Pack Flea Rid™ Delicate Touch Comb 12 Pack
Contains 12 Random Colors Unless Specified- Rotating stainless steel teeth gently turn while trapping fleas. Eliminate fleas from your pet by combing them out with its finely spaced rotating teeth. Also GREAT for removing fine undercoat and grooming delicate areas! Available in Yellow, Pink and Blue too!

To order One Only for $8.99 Click HERE

Our Price: US$67.44
Was: US$108.00


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